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Pinoy Book Reviews

Para sa Pinoy na ma-book

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Pinoy Book Reviews is a local-based electronic magazine dedicated to Filipino book lovers. The site provides reviews, commentaries and feature articles about local and foreign books, magazines and graphic novels.

* To build a connection between local authors and readers,
* To encourage readers to voice out their opinions with regards to the books that they read, and
* To establish a stable online community for Filipino book lovers and readers.

Most Filipino bookworms do not get to interact with each other that much due to a lack of book clubs, review sites, and the like. We [here at Pinoy Book Reviews] think it's time to generate a back-and-forth dialogue with regards to literature and books. This e-zine, together with the staff and contributors, aims to bridge that gap.

This is Pinoy Book Reviews. Para sa Pinoy na ma-book.
Can we contribute?
We welcome all contributions for our site. We accept book, graphic novel (i.e. local komiks, manga or Japanese comics, comic books) and magazine reviews, as well as feature articles (i.e. book launch, book conventions, featured bookstore, author interviews, talk-a-thons, etc.).

Are the reviews limited only to Filipino books and authors?
No. You can do reviews and articles about books, graphic novels, magazines and authors based locally or internationally.

Do we have to use English when writing articles?
Hindi, pwede ka ring mag-Filipino, ayos lang iyon. Minsan nga mas magandang Filipino na lang gamitin mo eh. Depende yun sa susulatin mo. You can even use English and Filipino, or Taglish, as long as you are doing so for communication's sake (in other words, try not to use Taglish just to sound coño). Anyway, what's most important is that you can express yourself, so language is not an issue here.

How can I contact you?
You can submit your articles, questions, comments and suggestions to pbreviews@gmail.com. Make sure that you indicate "RE: PBR" on the subject field so that your mail won't be mistaken for spam.

I have a blog/website. Can I link you?
Yes, Pinoy Book Reviews is free to link to.
We invite Filipino readers and netizens to join us at Pinoy Book Reviews. We accept book, magazine and graphic novel reviews, as well as feature articles related to books and literature (i.e. about books, conventions, and book signings).

Articles can be written in English or Filipino. If you wish to contribute an article, submit it together with your name (or pseudonym if you prefer), a short description of yourself and your contact information (preferably your e-mail address).

Each staff member is involved only in an unpaid and voluntary basis.

Send your contributions to pbreviews@gmail.com. Please put the subject "RE: PBR:" and insert the title of the book or article that you are going to submit so as not to confuse your mail with spam or junk mail.
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